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So apologies for the delay in notifying you all of the results for this competition. LICS would like to say thank you for taking part in this exciting initiative to get our community involved, especially our young ones. We have had a very respected artist look at the entries and he has arrived at the results. Remember it's not about the winning it?s about taking part, thinking about what you wanted to remember about your masjid and encouraging you to put a quote that is meaningful also. 


We would like to have all the originals so we can display them around our masjid. There will be special gifts awarded for the first four entries. - LICS will also provide all participants a small gift in appreciation for you taking part. I will be in contact with each of you soon Jzk to all of you. 

The Results:

1st prize   - Maariya Kadir age 16

2nd prize -  Rachael Mooney age 14 [Canada]

3rd prize  - Rhea Chapman age 10

4th prize  - Muneerah Ali


Other Participants:

Zane Chapman age 7, Khadijah Junaid Ali age 8, Jada age 14, Syaam Ahmed and Yousuf Ahmed age 11, 12, Khalilah Tang

Jubaydah Ahmed

Maariya Kadir Age 16
Syaam & Yousuf Hussain Aged 12&11
Rhea Chapman Age 10
Zane Chapman Age 7
Muneerah Ali Age 24
Jubaydah Ahmed - Age: Secret
Rachel Mooney Aged 14
Syaam & Yousuf Aged 12&11
Khadija Junaid Ali Aged 8
Khadija Junaid Ali Aged 8

“There are seven whom Allah will shade with His shade on the day when there will be no shade except His ... A man whose heart is attached to the mosque"

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