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Located in the heart of North London, LICS offers you stylish and comfortable facilities to hold your events; whether it’s a Wedding, Aqeekah, Walima, Celebrations or simply a family gathering. We are here to help you plan your event. 

A beautiful lavishly decorated and spacious hall accommodating a maximum of 200 seated to cater for all occasions. There is a well equipped kitchen and tables and chairs are provided. The Banqueting hall can be fully segregated if required. Please note: As this is a hall within the Mosque complex various protocol is in place. Shoes are not allowed in the hall.

LICS offers a selection of classrooms for hire for meetings, small gatherings seminars, or any other event. Contact us if you would like to know more or to find out prices. 

For more info please contact:

Sister Bibi R Khan 07956864499

LICS has a bookstore inside the Masjid. We offer many books for children and adults, clothes, picture frames, perfume and much more. Please pay a visit and remember by using these facilities you will be helping to raise essential funds for the Mosque.


Are you looking for more information about Islam? or thinking about becoming a Muslim? come and speak to our Imams who can answer all your questions that you may have. We can assist you in learning how to become a Muslim and facilitate the learning of the 5 daily prayers. 

Proof of Allah Article 1

Proof of Allah Article 2


Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un (انا لله وانا اليه راجعون) 

Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return. Please contact Sister Bibi Khan or Brother Asgar Razack who can provide a personal service in arranging the funeral service for your loved one. 

​Sister Bibi Khan02083687323 / 07956864499

Brother Asgar Razack07825 313977

Email: [email protected]

Proof of a Creator

This factor is evident in Imam Shafi’s answer answer to the question of what is the proof for the existence of God?

He replied:”The leaf of the mulberry tree. It’s colour, smell, taste and everything about it seem one and the same to you. But a caterpillar eats it and it comes out as fine silkenthread. A bee feeds on it and it comes out as honey. A sheep eats it and it comes out as dung. Gazelles chew on it and it congeals producing the fragrance of musk. “Who has made all these different things come from the same type of leaf?”

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