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Letter from LICS 2020

Apr 25, 2020

The Holy and Blessed Month of Ramadan is with us Ramadan Mubarak


Brothers and Sisters,                    

Assalamu Alaikum


I hope my few lines find you in good health by the grace and blessings of Almighty Allah. We pray to Allah that He makes it easy for us all, particularly those families who have suffered bereavement or faced illness.


The Board of Trustees extend best wishes to you and your family for the Holy and Blessed Month of Ramadan. We are truly indebted to Almighty Allah for the privilege of witnessing this unique month once again.


This year Ramadan is unlike any other because of the Corona-19 virus that has engulfed not only our country but the whole world. The Mosques have been closed and most of us in lock down at home. We have never experienced anything like this and it will be challenging and difficult for most families.


All we can ask is that you stay safe, stay at home and by doing this it will stop the spread of this disease. We do not think that we will be able to go to the masjid this Ramadan but we are doing many things to help our community.


There is a Live LICS Ramadan Programme on Facebook and Youtube; details can be found on our recently launched new website  In addition, we are helping those isolated or suffering hardship by helping with delivery of food or medicines working with community partners.  LICS just recently joined Brother Shablu of Nurfjenna Restaurant to deliver iftar boxes to North Middlesex Hospital staff, doctors and nurses.  We will also be sending iftar packs to the Police. This is a small thing that we believe is needed and right to do.


As I write to you I am reminded of my dear father Brother Alli, who left us two years ago and we also remember the dear brothers who supported him and who have gone to almighty Allah.  We remain strong with the knowledge that we are continuing and improving on the unique and inspiring legacy that they left with us. By the grace and mercy of Almighty Allah and we make duah for our dear brothers and ask Allah for the highest place in Jannah for them.


I extend thanks to all those brothers and sisters who dedicate their valuable time and energy in all aspects of the Mosque ensuring that it works efficiently. We express our thanks to Imam Ajmal Masroor who has initiated and is presenting the Ramadan Programme with the participation by our Imams, Ishaaq, Mushtaq. Abdul Kadir, Liaquat and our young Huffuz and students of Hifzs. 


I am also thankful to our reciters and all those who are presenting the key message on behalf of the masjid.  May Allah make this journey a successful one and may He shower His guidance and protection on them all.


We all need to be focused my brothers and sisters, our strength, commitment, and dedication to our religion will get us through these difficult times.  By working together we can build upon the legacy of Brother Alli and all our founders for the benefit of our future generations. 


Your Sister Bibi R Khan,

President LICS                                             

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