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North London Council of Mosques Meeting

Salaam All. LICS hosted members of NLCoM on 25th April. A wonderful opportunity for Masjids to make critical decisions for the benefit of our Ummah.

*NLCoM (North London Council of Mosques) currently represents mosques from boroughs of Barnet, Enfield, Islington & Haringey.

It is organised and run by volunteers from 15 Masjids and it comprises of serving Board of Trustees, Management & Imams from within the member mosques.

Our aim and objective is to have a united, cohesive voice for our large growing Muslim community, and to share best practices.

NLCoM prides itself in serving the wider community from other faiths, community leaders and those extolling the virtues of social cohesion.


1.Mevlana Rumi Mosque

2.MCEC Palmers Green

3.Edmonton Islamic Centre

4.Heart of Enfield

5.Ponders End JJME

6.London Islamic Cultural Society

7.Seven Sisters Masjid

8.Enfield Town Islamic Centre

9.Southgate Mosque

10.Finchley Mosque, Islamic Association of North London. IANL

11.High Barnet Islamic Centre

12.Hendon Islamic Centre

13. Finsbury Park Mosque

14. ⁠Said Nursi

15. Barnet Islamic Centre

Said Looch - Walthamstow Council of Mosques

NLCoM Office Bearers:

Chairperson: Sister Bibi Khan of LICS.

Vice Chair: Brother Talat Shaikh of MCEC, Palmers Green Masjid.

Secretary: Brother Mani Hussain of Rumi Mosque.

Asst. Secretary: Brother Abdallah Ramankhan of Edmonton Masjid


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