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Children Visiting LICS Masjid

Alhamdu lillah LICS welcomed year 3 of Ashmole School, Southgate to the Masjid on 10/02/2022. It was an educational, interactive and lively visit. Imam Kadir did an amazing job teaching the children about Islam, while Sister Rabbie spoke about the history of LICS. We were really pleased to have support from our Neighbourhood Police escorted the children from Turnpike Lane tube station and back again. This gave the children, teachers and Helpers a great sense of safety. Thank you to our Officers.

On the evening of 10th of Feb we were fortunate to welcome the Scouts group of children. We were able to tell them about Islam, our Mosque and the importance of unity and consideration for all in our community. We were able to share the beauty, clarity, equality and peaceful nature of Islam. Alhamdulillah all those attending really appreciated the visit.


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